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Welcome to Day - The aim of this site is to inform people about not only the Iraqi Dinar Currency as an investment, but to also educate everyone on what a dinar guru is, and how they typically operate.

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Obviously many of the people who visit this site will have more questions about the content, especially when it comes to dates and rates that gurus have thrown at us since 2010, but suggestions on new topics of discussion are always welcome, and encouraged.

Other historians, however, see the pivotal moment for the Iraqi Jewish community much later, between 1948–51, since Jewish communities prospered along with the rest of the country throughout most of the 1940s, Either way, the Farhud is broadly understood to mark the start of a process of politicization of the Iraqi Jews in the 1940s, primarily among the younger population, especially as a result of the impact it had on hopes of long term integration into Iraqi society.

Raymond Renfrow, TNT Tony’s brother, was on the TNT Showtime Open Mic, the call information is here: 712-770-4176Please make sure you save the phone number.

If they change it, we will simply update this message because the FBI is investigating the Iraqi Dinar revaluation.

From the Babylonian period to the rise of the Islamic caliphate, the Jewish community of Babylon thrived as the center of Jewish learning.

The Mongol invasion and Islamic discrimination in the Middle Ages led to its decline. In the poetical literature of Israel, Babylonia plays an insignificant part (see Ps. 4, and especially Psalm 137), but it fills a very large place in the Prophets.

Most of the million cost of the operation was financed by the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee.