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Clearly, parents need to stay vigilant no matter the age of their offspring.

US child advocate and trained child forensic interviewer Ginger Kadlec has made it her life’s work to raise awareness of the worldwide epidemic of child abuse, and the role social media, and apps in particular, are playing.

On the phone, he found explicit photographs, messages and a video she had sent to an older man and two teenage boys in her school.

Pierre Booysen, 44, the man to whom she had sent the pornographic selfies, was convicted of child sexual grooming and received a three-year suspended sentence.

According to EWN: A Johannesburg teacher has been arrested after sending his 16-year-old pupil a naked photograph of himself sitting in a bathtub and unwittingly engaging in a late night Whats App conversation with the boy’s mother.7/30/2013 : PUPIL: G’Nite 7/30/2013 : TEACHER: U sure u don’t want to… 7/30/2013 : TEACHER: Kidding gnite 7/30/2013 : PUPIL: Don’t want to what ….

My fone crashed I lost the last few messages 7/30/2013 : TEACHER: Oh. 7/30/2013 : TEACHER: I kinda get a bit of perverse pleasure from making u horny 7/30/2013 : PUPIL: 🙂 7/30/2013 : PUPIL: Not fair if u don’t share! (ANOTHER PUPIL) trying to get me to con his mom to let him come over 7/30/2013 : PUPIL: K 7/30/2013 : TEACHER: Pornographic image depicting a child giving a man a blow job 7/30/2013 : PUPIL: Is he coming?

This image formed part of a Whatsapp chat with a 16-year-old kid.

Pulling back the covers, we find alarming statistics: Online threats are very real and can range from mildly age-inappropriate content to cyberbullying to sexual exploitation, assault or even death.

While addressing the recent AFL 'sexting' scandal on her FOX FM101.9 breakfast show on Tuesday, the 38-year-old radio host claimed she had been in a 'similar situation' to the player's current partners.'I dated a professional sportsman, a rugby player playing for Sydney Uni rugby, and I remember busting him with stuff in his phone from another girl,' she revealed, keeping mum on the individual's name.

Anthony Weiner, the husband of Hillary Clinton's closest aide Huma Abedin, has checked into a rehab facility for treatment of sex addition.

She was charged after her father went to the police with her cellphone.

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He had confiscated the phone in February 2013 as punishment after the then 16-year-old teen, who at the time lived with her father and stepmother on their Free State tomato farm, walked out of a church service.

The Centre for Child Law at the University of Pretoria intervened when they heard of the girl's case and set in motion the appeal where the centre asked the court to set aside the conviction and sentence.