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This is what makes things so challenging for me: I’ve always seen everyone as equal, maybe because a lot of my family members are married to people of different races. Imagine walking into a store or restaurant with your boyfriend or girlfriend, holding hands, and getting mean looks from people for seemingly no reason at all. While I can understand that they come from a different time, where interracial relationships can seem strange and wrong, I still can’t understand why they can’t accept them. This kind of judgment, although mainly from strangers, can come from people that I come in contact with on a daily basis, too.I never fully realized how hard interracial relationships could be until I became a part of one. Sometimes people at school or work are surprised when they find out my boyfriend is white.But the significance of the change goes beyond simple acceptance.When Pew asked about the impact of interracial marriage on society, 43% of Americans said more intermarriage has been a change for the better.Shutterstock There once was a time in America — not too long ago — when the ebony and ivory piano keys, metaphorically, could not legally live in harmony. gradually warmed up to the idea of a Black and White union:1959 – 4 percent1971 – 29 percent1982 – 43 percent1995 – 48 percent2008 – 77 percent2013 – 87 percent Stats also show that Blacks have always approved Black-White marriages more than Whites.When The Supremes were in full swing with their shimmery dresses and funky hairstyles, Black and White love was strictly forbidden. Well, let’s take a look at today’s interracial couples in America by the numbers, shall we? In 1969, 56 percent of Blacks were down for the swirl compared to only 17 percent of Whites.But thanks to , a 1967 landmark Supreme Court case, today’s Halles, Paulas, and Imans needn’t hide their affections for their fair-skinned lovers. Today, a record-high 87 percent of Americans approve of Whites and Blacks tying the knot, according to Gallup. In 1995, 68 percent of Blacks approved while only 45 percent of Whites did the same.It’s been 47 years since interracial marriage was given the green light. Today, the approval gap is at its smallest — 96 percent of Blacks are a-okay with interracial marriages compared to 84 percent of Whites.

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This brings the share of all interracial or interethnic marriages to a historic high of 8.4%, according to Pew Research Center data.Love is really blind in the sense that when you love someone you don’t see it as, “Oh I’m a boy and I love boys” or, “I’m a black girl and I like white guys.” You just see it as liking or loving the person for who they are. Well, about a year and one month ago I, a black girl, fell in love with my current boyfriend, Travis, a white guy.Interracial relationships have been around forever. Although they haven’t always been as accepted as they are now, interracial relationships still aren’t accepted by a lot of people.Share your everyday moments with different cultural backgrounds.