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So really the theme is romance, love, heartbreak and all of that, so everything we love and all the drama. J-14: What's the relationship like between Kat and Patrick now? Towards the middle of the season it starts to get a little rocky again. Lindsey: Absolutely and their feelings are getting a little bit deeper and things are just getting more complex. J-14: Ok tell us the first thing that pops into your head when you hear your costars' names.

Her good performance was seen in 10 Things I Hate About You where she played lead character of Kat Stratford. Born on zodiac sign, Taurus she has an eye for beauty.

She has made small appearance in “Rockstar” music video. Talking about her dating life, her affair and kiss with Ethan Peck became the juicy gossips for her fans.

J-14: In the first episode, Patrick and Kat cut school. First up: Meaghan Lindsey: Bubbly Ethan: Blonde J-14: Nick Lindsey: Goofy Ethan: Tall J-14: Ok Lindsay, what about Ethan?

Lindsey: Serious J-14: And Ethan, what about Lindsey? The wait is finally over -- 10 Things I Hate About You returns tonight at 8 pm on ABC Family.J-14 chatted exclusively with stars Ethan Peck (Patrick) and Lindsey Shaw (Kat) about the upcoming season and what they really think about their costars. Lindsey Shaw: This season has really evolved from the first.Collectors guides for Greek single women in Dublin these free ohio dating days so I’ll always.