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It was written by the established songwriting partnership of Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly (becoming the pair's fifth Billboard Hot 100 number one in five years) along with the Bangles' Susanna Hoffs.

Other religions state that humans can be saved only through the grace granted by an external personal agent.

All the creative concepts he had stored in his brain from his two decades of work as an interior designer had erupted into what he believed would become his very own masterpiece. In the study, her dad yabbered on to a client on the phone with the door wide open. As soon as classes ended, she zipped her way down the hall out of the school building, mindful to keep her head down so no one could look at her like the big laughingstock she was. Her dad raved about the maple leaves hand-painted around the clock face on the top panel. They looked like some awful print on an old lady’s bedsheet. She set the clock to the current time of six and watched the seconds pass. When Trey asked her out to a White Sox game last April, it was the happiest day of her life.