Email validating in c

14-Jul-2017 18:28

That is, there is a LOCAL section followed by the "at" sign (@) followed by a DOMAIN section.

In the email address [email protected], the LOCAL section is "" and the DOMAIN is "" The LOCAL section must be 1 to 64 characters long.

If you want to validate email addresses entered into your form but avoid complicated tinkering and scripts, HTML5 lets you rely on the browser — without effort, and without turning to Java Script.

Browsers that do not recognize type="email" should (and, as far as one can tell, all will) treat the input field like an ordinary type="text" field.

Browsers that support HTML5 email address validation include Safari 5 , Google Chrome 6 , Mozilla Firefox 4 and Opera 10 .

Safari 5 and Google Chrome 6-8 will not accept invalid email address input but, unlike the other browsers, will not help the user correct the error.

This example requires that a Text Box and Error Provider control have been created on a form.

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" and all other letters will be either alphabatec or any of them is not present or mre than one time repeated the compiler tell us that the email is not valid how to code it..?

The DOMAIN section must be 1 to 63 characters long.