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Notre messagerie instantanée Chat Adultes peut vous aider à rencontrer rapidement de nouveaux amis adultes chaque fois que vous vous sentez chaud pour baiser.We’ve also got the largest amount of lifetime sex partners—the average magic number, less than half of mine (TMI), is 13—and we’re twice as likely to enjoy taking women from behind (duh). Last month, -style studies usually aren’t that deep, where else would you find out that 22% of Black men would enjoy sisters to stick a finger someplace it, uh, ordinarily doesn’t go? There’s no casually snarky way to talk tossed salads, so let’s just leave that one alone.And yet survey says: Black men would prefer to be on the receiving end more often than any other race of guys.A la recherche d'érotisme, de conseils pour les rencontres sexuelles ou d'informations sur le sexe?

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Did you know that Black men are twice as likely to troll Facebook for sex than our paler counterparts?

We’re all pretty busy getting our salads tossed by the jump-offs we meet on Facebook, taking them from the rear with images of Rihanna in our heads while avoiding texts from our wives.