Discussion about online dating

01-May-2017 18:03

Burroughs’ idea about one’s “terminal identity.” In his book Terminal Identity (1993), Scott Bukatman defines Burroughs’ idea and suggests that much of the science fiction published during the early stages of the age of the personal computer warned readers about a not too distant future in which all social interaction would occur through the medium of a computer, in which reality would become an extension of the mass media.

Likewise, Epstein offers that the mainstreaming of online dating is changing the American psyche for the worse.

Without knowing what to ask or say, you could spend weeks or months with someone that isn't right for you.

That's why it's so important to steer some of your conversations to topics that will help you find the answers you seek.

Perhaps most of all, online dating allows you to present the cutest, smartest, and most dateable version of yourself to potential partners.

In this paper, I argue that psychologist Robert Epstein’s “The Truth about Online Dating” (2007) is the best of these.

I critique the article for its lack of discussion of the negative connotations of nationalism or the scientific illegitimacy that the terminology national psyche may present.