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But might I notice the beautiful symphony of hopeful notes in the in-between? Every time I turn to God and ask for Him to shed light on my situation, I’m trading a little of my struggle for a bit of His strength. Thank You for lighting the way for me — day by day. Are there any areas of discouragement in your life right now that feel like a black hole? Visit and create a free account with the email address you use to leave comments on blogs and other websites.Look at the reality that a black hole isn’t a black whole. Yes, there are some issues to address and some tensions to manage, but I can’t let Satan use this frustration to darken my outlook. Ask Jesus to shed His light on your situation today. Use truth to do something positive in this area today. And while I might not have all the answers to my struggles right now, I am seeing more hope than ever. And because of Him, even my darkest nights aren’t so daunting and confusing. Ask God to shed His light on this situation and help you look at it with fresh perspective. Upload the picture you want associated with that email address and you're all set! It hangs like a cloud — blocking the sun, casting shadows.She’s amazing, but there’s this one part of your friendship that darkens the collective good. Now it’s happening with more frequency, and it feels like a black hole. I asked God to shed some of His light on what I’m struggling through so I don’t get lost in the darkness of confusion. Just a slight shift of my thoughts to be more in line with truth, and I knew light was defeating my darkness: Look at all the prayers that have been answered with this situation. The big, grand finale I keep hoping for hasn’t yet come. But I have heard good things about The Big Picture Story Bible from Crossway books. It's a book for kids, but it covers the whole range of Scripture and is theologically solid. Either way, mom and dad should be reading books to children all the time, and not just during devotions. You don't ever need another book in that setting if you don't want it, as long as they're being read elsewhere.I've been working in youth ministry in some capacity for roughly eight years, and this is one of the most common questions I've fielded from young Christians: “How can (insert boyfriend/girlfriend) and I have a Christian dating relationship? ” As often I've heard it, I still love the the heart behind the question.A couple of youngins' get to dating, and they want to “do it right.” They realize that God is concerned with every aspect of our lives, including our romantic involvements, so they've resolved to have a “Christian” dating relationship and sought guidance. Should we buy a devotional and go through it together? ” If the young man's of a theological bent, he shows up with a potential 10-week preaching series already outlined. As I already mentioned, couples often get this idea that to be truly “spiritual” they should start interweaving their spiritual lives into one.

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Jon Bloom serves as author, board chair, and co-founder of Desiring God.

He is author of three books, Not by Sight, Things Not Seen, and Don’t Follow Your Heart.

If we haven’t learned anything new we know that our date hasn’t been so good and we swear that we’ll do better next time. We know we’ve had a good date when we’ve enjoyed spending time together. We can go shopping and sit in a bookstore and consider it a great date.

Because this is the point of dating–to accumulate knowledge about the person you love. We return home refreshed, renewed and loving one another more than when we set out. But isn’t it funny that when it comes to personal devotions, when it comes to our relationship to the Lord, we change the rules.Finally, we need to hear an outside word that we can't quickly rationalize, twist, distort, or ignore. If your relationship becomes the center of their faith, the main and only encouragement they have in Christ, something has gone wrong. All four stand on their own as solid reasons to be committed to gathering (and being a member of) a local body.Who is there to support and encourage when you're having a bad day, or when your relationship needs a check because it's gone off the rails into sin? Even the best married couples need other, godly voices speaking wisdom, conviction, comfort, and healing grace into their lives. Whether you're a Baptist, Anglican, or Presbyterian, you want to be regularly reminded that Christ alone is the source of spiritual life—he died, rose again, and our union with him is the only true food for your soul. Yet all four play an important function with respect to your relationship to each other.We judge the success of our time with the Lord by what we get out of it, by what we remember, by what we’ve learned.