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Have you ever wondered why you keep doing something over and over again when you know it hurts you?

Are you always dating the wrong guy – or do you go back to a rotten relationship time and time again? Become aware of what you are doing and the reason you are doing it.

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The hour-long course with an assessor costs £49 and aims to brush up the skills of older drivers by boosting confidence, ironing out bad habits, and keeping them safely on the road.

Areas covered include: starting off procedures; clutch, gears, brakes and accelerator; steering; positioning; hesitancy; legality; observation and planning; hazard perception; signalling and use of mirrors; dealing with traffic and other road users; manoeuvring; s topping; concent rat ion, consideration and courtesy.

While I care about those things, my interests are more in the here and now and how to affect immediate change.

Working with me as your Relationship and Dating Consultant, you will learn about the social dynamics of men and women, how to communicate more clearly and how to decrease the drama in your life and other tools necessary to get you to where you want to be.

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While Maloof comes from a wealthy family and has built her empire to the tune of a 0 million net worth, De Jong is much more conservative working as an account executive in insurance living in Newport Beach, Calif., who filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 1996.Already an advanced motorist of many decades standing, she has just undertaken a special Mature Driver Assessment organised by IAM Roadsmart, formerly the Institute of Advanced Motorists.The assessment is purely advisory and doesn’t deliver a pass or fail. During our time together, we will specifically focus on improving your dating, relationship and communication skills so that each and every one of your dates is an opportunity for success.