Dating violence true stores of hurt and hope

23-Mar-2017 22:11

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Watch online Fatal Addiction: Ted Bundy's Final Interview For more information about Ted Bundy's anniversary interview with Dr.

Dobson, visit Citizen for news reports, expert analysis and excerpts from the interview.

Bundy goes back to his roots, explaining the development of his compulsive behavior.

He reveals his addiction to hard-core pornography and how it fueled the terrible crimes he committed.

I just finished taping, with Michele Borquez Thornton, a DVD series for divorced women who need to heal and want to grow and build healthy relationships.

I’m excited about the panel of experts she’s drawn together and, as soon as it’s released, I will let you all know.

But of course, hind sight is a wonderful thing and all I saw was a good looking, sweet and loving man whom I was lucky to be dating."Julie's Domestic Violence Story - Julie's domestic violence story comes from a very brave woman, who despite still being a current victim of abuse, still thinks and cares enough about other domestic abuse victims to want to tell her story and warn them.

Nola's Domestic Violence Story - Nola's domestic violence story shows just why abuse victims stay in abusive relationships, or why, having managed to leave once, they can find themselves back together with their abuser again ...

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Having a safe community where women can share their stories as well as resources is essential but even more so when you are in a destructive marriage.However, 6 months later I wasn’t really seeing changes and I was noticing he was giving himself a lot of slack with going to his therapy appointments, etc. I wrote him a letter asking him to examine those behaviors and attitudes and left with our son for the weekend for him to process that in peace.What I had hoped for upon my return was a sincere apology and a renewed sense of wanting to do the right thing for our family.When he tired of that, there was only one place his addiction could go - from fantasy to reality.