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Admittedly, even I cut out shoulder pads before wearing an ’80s garment — but I still like totally love ’80s fashion and have respect for what shoulder pads, along with 9 other rockin’ ’80s trends, represented for women’s fashion! Feel free to scroll through the post to see these totally trendy ’80s clothing styles, or click any of the links below to be taken immediately to the text within the article!The 1980s did the 1940s and 1950s in all the right ways by playing up pin-up style with tropical prints (think “Hawaii Five-O”) and designs loved by the California girl with Rockabilly flair.​You either love it or hate it, which is why ’80s vintage fashion styles are probably the most controversial of all the eras.

For Spring / Summer 2017, we're celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love, its youthful optimism and freewheeling legacy.Vintage Trends specializes in high quality vintage clothing from authentic military uniforms to classic jackets, shirts, and pants.Our decades of experience means you get great selection and even better customer service.WORN TODAY: It’s easy to wear an ’80s piece with tropical print, whether you want to wear the print full-on with a matching top and short like Victory Vintage Boutique (left) or as a bottom paired with a solid colored top like Retro Minx (right).

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Showing skin in the ’80s got creative with well positioned cut-out holes/openings on a garment’s sleeve.Designed to keep high altitude bomber crews warm at near freezing temperatures, this was the best performance pedigree fabric available at the time, until the introduction of lightweight quilted and nylon fabrics in the late forties superseded the days of sheepskin flight clothing, and some of the romance of the early days of flying disappeared forever. USAAF A-2 leather jackets, ‘El Lobo II’ belonging to B-17 pilot Richard E Fitzhugh of the 457th Bomb Group, and the 1st Glider Provisional Group patch, both featuring Disney-esque wolves.Before the expression Type II became fashionable, denim afficionado’s and those in the know simply referred to this classic Levi’s 507XX jacket as a Number Two.The term "vintage" refers to articles of clothing that are at least 25 to 30 years old. Newer styles feature aluminum or copper rivets with circular patterns and L. The back pockets on vintage Levi's have a very pronounced arcuate design. Bar tacks are a method of sewing that involves using extra thread to reinforce a thicker fabric such as denim.