Dating site that accept credit card

31-Jul-2017 11:58

There is also some fine print - your cash back rewards will expire if you haven't earned any cash back for purchases or payments for 12 months.Considering most people use their card at least once a year, it shouldn't be an issue.However, as long as you're paying the minimum due each month, no matter how long you take to pay off your purchases, you'll eventually get the extra 1% cash back for the full 2% effective cash back (math nerd alert: if you redeem for a statement credit, that reduces the amount you have to pay for purchases by 1%, making your overall cash back percentage 1.99% instead of 2%).

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After all, about half of the world's credit card fraud reportedly happens in the U.

S., due in large part to our preference for mag stripe cards. Say I take my little boy to the local sporting goods store to get a new baseball bat.

And the chips have become the standard in most of the credit-card-accepting world, leaving the United States as the only major economy that still relies on magnetic stripes.