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The early Pali writings of Sri Lanka also mention similar names for kingdoms located in the subcontinent.The name Taprobana is attributed to Megasthenes in the 4th century BCE.Pride in the fleet was still something to be encouraged, and this was reflected in the vehicle turn out, minor damage was repaired quickly, and wheel trims were always replaced after maintenance checks.Then came the new broom of NBC, like many other depots, vehicles were swapped between fleets, with some going from one end of the country to the other, to slightly misquote Oscar Wilde, the accountants "knew the price of everything and the value of nothing" corners were cut to try and save money, I.e.Victor, I cant speak for LT, but I suspect it could all be part of the same couldn’t care less syndrome that effected BET and BTH companies when NCB came about.From 1967 to 1975, I worked at NGT’s Percy Main Depot ‘Tynemouth & Wakefields’ like most depots within the group they set themselves very high standards, vehicles were meticulously maintained, and after their weekly checks they were thoroughly cleaned from top to toe, this was in addition to the nightly excursion through the wash and the overnight sweep out.) sported full rear-wheel nave-plates which tidied up their side view and must have made for easy cleaning. And do modern restorers seek them out, for a finishing touch? mileometers on the rear hubs and those yellow nut indicators on the front – and rear?

A slightly different one – unprintable in ‘family’ circumstances – was in a trade magazine which crossed my desk some years ago.

The Family Health History and Health Appraisal questionnaires were used to collect information on child abuse and neglect, household challenges, and other socio-behavioral factors in the original CDC-Kaiser ACE Study.* The questionnaires are not copyrighted, and there are no fees for their use.