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Khwaja Alimullah, the father of Nawab Adul Ghani, purchased that French trading center building in 1830 and renovated it into his residence.

Nawab Abdul Ghani built an enormous palace on the eastern side of the kuthi and named it Ahsan Manzil after his son, Khwaja Ahsanullah Nawab Khwaja Ahsanullah.

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On 6 November 2005, the administrative capital of the country was officially moved to a greenfield site 3.2 km (2.0 mi) west of Pyinmana, and about 320 km (200 mi) north of Yangon (Rangoon), the previous capital.The Dutch destroyed most of the fort but what remains today was saved by Sir Stamford Raffles in 1810.The Romanesque architecture as well as the cool breezes wafting through the ruined walls will make your exploration a pleasant one. Approximately 24km north of Melaka, a little off the road to Kuala Lumpur, is the countryside town of Alor Gajah.This is balanced with other modern attractions such as water theme parks and cultural parks.