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Children by Choice Children by Choice is an informative up-to-date Australian website, which would be especially helpful if you think abortion is your choice.

This drama is awful, but I only continue to watch because of Baek Jin Hee and Park Seo Joon-- so adorable these two. That ending scene especially where Monghee just watch while the 3 couples walk along the beach. no make sense Hyunsu back with his wife after all sweet and touching story between hyunsu en monghee....hmmmm bad ending after all eps 50 Just finish ep 50 ..I feel it has been dragged out after Hyunsu returns from Italy. and Sung Eun should have just hit the highway with her evil self. I will advise everybody just to jump the last episode..anyway it doesn'y bring much more except frustration for most viewers. Howw about we change the ending as No one here agree with the ending, am I right?Honestly, they could have gotten a better looking actor for the male lead... The first 30 episodes were awesome and then it started to get shitty.. Great in the beginning, great buildup to disappoint after investing time to watch and by the 40th episode onward all the characters are changed and the story veered off and went in an entirely different way. Whhhhhyyyy me....because I think it kind of ruined the show for me. Let's change like this-------- Monghee and Hyunsu will love each other and her sister Yoona will go back to States because she wants her one and only sister's happiness.Below is a list of websites that may be of some help.