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Dog tags first appeared on the scene during the Civil War. During my 20 years in the Army, they were always referred to as "dog tags". Dog Tags Personal identification tags or commonly referred to as dog tags are an object that most of us are familiar with maybe seeing them in movies or first hand from a family member.They were issued as part of the military uniform, but continued to serve as personal keepsake for family members.The tags often indicate religious preference as well.

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The signaculum would have their name etched on it as well as other information like legion they belonged to and start date of service.

In the Roman army, recruits would enter into service starting off in a training phase similar to what we would consider boot camp.

If a potential soldier passed all the physical and medical requirements, they were presented with an object called a signaculum.

During the Spanish American War of 1898 dog tags became more uniform.

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They were about the size of an American half-dollar. War Department made the dog tag official with General Order number 204, and identified the tag as a part of the military uniform to include how to wear it and what information would be contained on the tag.They commonly contain two copies of the information, either in the form of a single tag that can be broken in half or two identical tags on the same chain.This duplication allows one tag (or half-tag) to be collected from a soldier's body for notification and the second to remain with the corpse when battle conditions prevent it from being immediately recovered.Stamped information : this is general format, "Dog Tag" format can differ from unit to unit, see picture bellow which shows very different forms of "Dog Tag" marking ( from 1941 to 1945 ) I had possibility to survey, "L. Your Type C's and D's were most common in WW2 and in the 20's-30's the Old Salts would have had their right (IIRC) thumbprint acid etched into the back of one of the tags.