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15-Jul-2017 23:25

Don't need to hear that dissonance a second time.

There will be no new, or werewolf-based, conversion mechanics.1) Upkeep Phase- Players set their sliders for the turn, refresh any items and roll for curses, blessing and bank notes- Every player should post in their modchat their current Speed/Sneak, Fight/Will, Lore/Luck Stats for me after Focusing (including any Skill bonuses to basic stats)- The Arkham Advertiser releases their latest issue2) Movement Phase- Players may move through locations subject to their movement limit.- Players may chat without restriction in every chat room they come across- Players are entitled to pick up any items they find along the way and move on with them.Hit my bed with a nervous attempt at sleep, because I'm still actually excited to get to work, and frightened that I'll sleep through my alarm clock, even though I take measures to switch it up and set it to different radio stations every couple months that'll annoy me awake.It's currently set directly in between a French Canadian talk radio station and a smooth jazz/easy listening station.Before continuing south, turn to the left and follow it to find a switch.

Push it to remove the gate then backtrack and cross the green field. In this room, summon the dead lords and trigger the switches in the upper ledge.In correct order: push the middle, right and left switches to bring the chest nearby. Ignore the two chests for now since you don't have the ability to reach them just yet.Order one of them to step on the nearby pressure switch to raise a bridge. Note that a “villager” role is possible in this roleset.