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27-Feb-2017 15:06

A room moderator and/or the chat administrator reserve the right to deny access to the room for any user found to violate the room rules.If you are asked to cease a certain behavior, you must do so or you may lose your chat room privileges. If someone is bothering you, contact one of the moderators (appear in gold) in the room or AC38 (appears in red).Many of these punishments will not work with a li’l and often times will only aggravate the situation.I remember distinctly when things changed between me and my daddy. I guess since I had never experienced sexual feelings before, I couldn't identify them as such right away. In my mind I was ashamed and afraid – but, between my legs, it felt so good that I could not resist. The first time I became wet for my daddy was like an awakening. I did not want to anger daddy so I slipped a robe on over my little clothes. Feeling the thin layer of panty fabric move away from between daddy's hard cock on my little round bottom. He was sitting in his leather chair watching the news that morning. I heard the TV and thought I would go say good morning to Daddy. Later still when it was time for bed I lay awake, unable to sleep, unable to do anything but think about my Daddy's big member. I slipped the blankets from my body and quietly stood up, intent on going to talk to Daddy. His chest was bare, a sheet sprawled over his waist. A renewed desire took over as I pushed my bum back into Daddy's hard-on. I walked into the living room having slept so well, I was feeling good and giddy. "Daddy I am wearing the same thing I always wear to bed." I felt tears burning in the corner of my eye. I found myself stealing glimpses of his crotch – not understanding how such a big thing could fit in his pants there. The heat of his big daddycock pouring through the thin fabric of my panties.: Please select your user name (nick) carefully, as it is somewhat difficult to change your name.

If someone whispers/PM without asking be polite about it and let them if you do not wish to receive whispers by stating such in the open room.Daddy Doms have a similar role with their “baby girls” or “l’ils” with some twists.Daddy Doms are usually in full control of their li’l, but also have to take care of the social and emotional well being of their baby girl since their sub is in a slightly different mind space than traditional subs. I didn't realize at first exactly what was happening to me. In my head I knew it was wrong – so wrong for me to have such feelings about my father. My panties were bright blue bikini cut and hardly covered by little round bottom. Quietly I pushed it open and stepped inside his bedroom. I reached down, hooking my thumb under the side of my little panties, I cautiously pulled them down over my bum, lifting my thigh toward my chest to slide my panties down further and off one leg entirely.

Such dirty thoughts I had never imagined before came to me without abandon. I gasped lightly at the heat coming from my daddy's dick.

There can be BDSM, service, humiliation, and degradation that goes along with these typical relationships.