Council tax benefit backdating regulations

27-Aug-2017 01:58

There is no exact legal definition of what is good cause.The council will make a decision after considering the facts in each application.We can make certain decisions about your claim (for example, whether you have shown ‘good cause’ for a backdated award to be made) and the methods and forms which you can use to claim.We can also decide whether to award a Discretionary Housing Payment to give you extra help with your rent.However, this is not true for most people living in homeless hostels and supported housing who will continue to get their rent paid via Housing Benefit.The Government is going ahead with this change so it is vital that service providers look to the opportunities which Discretionary Housing Payments may offer to plug any arrears that could arise through delayed Housing Benefit claims.Local Council Tax Support has replaced Council Tax benefit and working age claimants will not be eligible for backdating.To request your benefit be backdated you'll need to give good reason why your claim is late.

Your claim will automatically be backdated for a maximum of 3 months depending on your circumstances. From April 2016 you can apply for backdated benefit for a maximum period of 1 month depending on your circumstances.We know from many of our members that it can be very difficult to get some of the people they work with to make a timely claim for Housing Benefit.This might be a small minority of people, often with high level mental health problems and a mistrust of authority and services, but they are acute cases who will need support.The rules about claiming Housing Benefit (HB) and how much you can get are set by Central Government.