Convalidating catholic marriage

15-Feb-2017 04:17

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My husband was a marine at the time we took our vows and we had the intention of coming home after his last year active duty (3 years ago and officiating the marriage in the church) long story short; this did not happen but I have stayed heavily involved in my faith (my husband is not of the faith nor does he wish to be) we have since decided to raise our son on his daughter (he had at 15 out of wedlock) in the faith and they love it, he seems to not mind one way or the other about this. He has never been involved in the CC but is a very well educated man in theology and in the world, I'm afraid it's beyond reasoning. God Bless you always With love, Delilah Barron Hi Delilah, it's just great that both you and your husband are raising your and his child together in a family, and also that your husband has allowed you to bring her up, along with your son, as Catholics.

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Nevertheless, if you were one of those whose marriage needs to be is an actual wedding that will need to be administered.pregnant and we just had a dinner with parents and grandparents.We are both catholics and were raised in Mexico, so we always talked about having our catholic wedding there.He's not asked to do anything, simply to allow you to sign the form for the convalidation.