Consolidating student loans in canada

27-Jul-2017 10:10

Student loan debt is a big problem in Canada, and it’s not going away any time soon.The average new graduate is carrying ,000 in student loan debt.Becoming a doctor or a dentist is an expensive venture, however this investment in yourself will pay many times over in the future.Each student doctor or dentist is in a different situation.But for those with debt, the question is how best to manage it through residency and beyond.Some will reduce their debt during residency while others will maintain or even increase it.You can check online with your province’s regulations on the payday loan industry for a breakdown of your rights.

With only a few exceptions, it is generally advisable for all student debt holders to at least explore a refinancing scenario, especially since getting your rate through Lend Key’s platform will have no impact on your credit score.

I took advantage of New Brunswick student loan forgiveness when I wiped out ,000 of my ,000 in student loan debt.