Conduct invalidating

09-Jul-2017 00:13

Although the transition disclosures and other requirements have been delayed, firms may still wish to consider whether certain disclosures, recordkeeping, and other policies and procedures may be helpful in demonstrating compliance with the impartial conduct standards or may be protective in limiting liability under the rule (including limiting the scope and extent of fiduciary activities).

In general, the administrative review constitutes a forum outside a court, composed of a panel of experienced examiners and/or administrative judges, for reviewing the validity of a patent.Additionally, invalidation/validation searches may also be considered before seeking license for a patent, and in evaluating the strength and value of patent portfolio during mergers and acquisitions.Before performing an invalidation search, one has to first establish the priority date of the claims in the patent which needs to be invalidated.Firms should keep in mind the FAQs issued by the DOL concerning conflicts of interest, neutral factors, compensation of the representative, and oversight.