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He appeared in other shows like "The web", "Marked time" and "All of it." He had appearances in telenovelas like Cenizas y Diamantes (Ashes and Diamonds), Madres Egoístas (Selfish Mothers) and Maria Mercedes.

Carla Estrada offered him a role in the soap operas "Más Allá del Puente" (Beyond the Bridge) with Maria Sorté in 1993-1994.

"Fernando is a very studious person and given as a professional, demanding of himself" says Carla Estrada (People Magazine).

After this telenovela, had a role in "Marimar"in 1994 giving birth to Adrian Rosales.

When het exited, he made sure to open the door for Soto, who was in the back seat, and open the back door to get her luggage out.

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At the outset, his face became popular in many homes thanks to having a role in the Mexican version of the famous children's program Sesame Street.

She debuted pink hair at Cannes and stole all the looks at a swanky party.

According to reports, her husband is loving the new radical style. All of the reports this morning says she was a shining star and was the life of the party with her hair and her fun personality.

The two starred in "Porque el Amor Manda," but it doesn't mean that he was willing to gift it to her.

He sold the house for 5,000, according to TV Notas.During the trip, Rick accidentally saturates himself in animal-attraction liquid, which causes a group of animals to hump him.This also leads a chemically enhanced radioactive dragonfly to fly onto Rick's neck and bite him.So even though he has dated the beauty for a while, he didn't give it to her at a special price. The Miami house is in one of the most exclusive parts of the city, and the house was in excellent condition.