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We all want one to symbolize real love and a important relationship. This book covers the technical side of photography from beginners level to semi-pro, features a number of photographs by Thorsten Overgaard and chapters on his philosophy on photography.

Price is around 190 Euro and made for women and men, after measurements. Harrison) got marrried and the whole wedding and honeymoon had a clear Leica theme down to the two Noctilux rings. Only 8 "I've bought the new book - made a start reading it - it is really interesting.

A drawing, your signature, a classic Leica engraving.

An annual study by USC once again shows disparities in minority representation on film.

Latinas, when they do get on film, are most likely to be depicted in sexualized ways. But "Her" left me feeling unsettled, and it had nothing to do with those horrible high-waisted pants Joaquin Phoenix wore. Decorum and the bucket of popcorn in my lap prevented me from doing so. is currently 48.5% Latino, part of a growing list of American cities that are majority minority.

Seen here: Michelle Rodriguez in "Fast & Furious 6." (Giles Keyte / Universal Pictures) When Spike Jonze's movie "Her" came out last year, it was buzzed about for its dystopic take on a society where people have affairs with their phones and its vision of a near-future L. But it's worth noting that I wasn't the only one to notice. So how could a movie that envisions our city's near-future pretty much leave Latinos, and other underrepresented minority groups, completely out of the picture?

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Because the Mini Sliders are narrower, they are considerably lighter in weight and require less space.Having the ability to quickly adjust and move the camera makes all the difference. rolled out its first models, and our name quickly became part of common film-making terminology.With ever-tightening budgets and compressed time schedules, having the freedom to find and capture that magic moment can sometimes be elusive. These new tools soon changed shooting strategies for television, film and feature camera blocking the world over. The "Rear View Girls" video, which netted seven million You Tube views in about seven days is in fact a viral advertising video from Levi's Jeans. Men, women, and even West Hollywood Jesus are guilty of lusting after their bodacious bods (or at least curious about that weird thing stuck in their jeans).

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They were promoting their new line of denim jeans, but Fishbowl LA reports that "Levi’s says it isn’t sure how to convert the attention into sales for its showcased 'Curve ID' line," and "at least one media analyst quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald thinks the video missed its mark." Via LA TACO: Two hot girls roamed around Los Angeles with a "hidden ass cam" capturing all the looks they got as they walked on the street. According to their You Tube account, the "Rear View Girls" are a couple of Kiwis named Jessie and Reanin.------------FOR THE RECORDA statistic featured in this post incorrectly reported that there had been no black female directors in charge of the top grossing Hollywood films in the period between 2007-2013.There were, in fact, two black female directors on that list in 2008: Gina Prince-Bythewood and Sanaa Hamri.The ring was commissioned and made by jeweler Gaelen in British Columbia, Canada. I know it’s basic at the beginning but it isn't written in a patronizing way.