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30-May-2017 17:14

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Travel Buddy websites are doing their part in turning the respect into a little quixotic affair.Thought he concept is a little new, yet it works for the opposite sexes.We created the ‘BUB Code’ – a set of ten principles – as guidelines for our users.These were crafted, not to dictate how people should be and act, but as a reflection of the community’s ethos, spirit and culture.This section is written for anyone supporting an online dater.

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You can get to know each other before you make some plans and once you’re completely comfortable with each other’s existence around you, you can make your travel plans with each other as you go.First, our thanks to you for supporting your friend (or relative, or parent, or child) to date online.It’s great work you’re doing and is usually very satisfying.Trav Buddy – This one doesn’t completely fall in the category of travel dating but somehow does the same job.