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It is a great way to meet new people, find someone to do things with and make some great memories. Most violence and abuse of older adults is by a loved one.There are many resources about dating for teens and young adults, however there is little information geared to older adults. Many older adults are concerned about violence or abuse at the hands of a stranger. Research studies show that older women and men are more likely to be physically abused by their spouse, common-law partner or significant other rather than by a stranger.That’s how she says she came up with a three-tiered system.

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She’s launched a “slightly anonymous” dating incentive program website to help her find the man of her dreams.Some questions about dating are the same for everyone, regardless of age, such as how to recognize and keep abuse out of the relationship. Top of the page Tips for Protecting Your Safety There are many ways to meet that special someone such as through friends, social events, or a blind date.Another popular way is through Internet dating sites and chatrooms.For finding her a match that results in an engagement, ‘cupid’ will get a destination vacation worth ,000.

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Introduction Dating should be a fun experience at any age.

If you do not know the person you plan to date, be cautious about how much information you give out and where and when you meet him or her.