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25-Apr-2017 17:56

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Conservative political pundit Ann Coulter is responding to the rumor that she has been dating comic Jimmie Walker for years, and she claims that it’s not true.

Confining himself to a modest suite of rooms on the mansion's third floor a level from which he will sometimes not stir for weeks on end he sleeps by day and works by night, hunched over a light table in a chaotic, paper-strewn office-garret, poring over slides of naked young women.So CBS sent a cameraman to my hotel, and I sat across from an unmoving camera on a tripod, as an interviewer in New York asked me questions by phone, which I would then put down, out of shot, face the camera, and answer.Kurt, I stressed, was a flawed man, but a genius, and a good person, who should neither be mythologized nor condemned but at this time remembered fondly and treated gently, and the sadness of the moment acknowledged.He knew I never wanted anything from him, which was rare in his world, and that created a nice, genuine, and non-pressuring friendship. I didn’t want to be one of those eager TV vultures on a branch, swooping down to peck on the motionless corpse.

But then I decided I should do one interview, just to be on the record with a sober appraisal of a special, wonderful, fragile, and tortured man, who I had had the great pleasure to know, and the world had the great pleasure of his music.(Pacific Coast News)more pics Ann Coulter is best known for stirring the pot when it comes to politics and rarely ever speaks about her romantic life, probably because it would disrupt the tough as nails, icy image she's cultivated over the years.That said, Coulter has an interesting dating history that's all over the map.After Guccione, Coulter reportedly moved on to conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza.