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24-May-2017 14:14

Being your OEM disc has SP2 the updates will only download what you need.

The prerequisites for an upgrade installation of Windows 7 is that the upgrade system must be running Windows Vista with Service Pack 1.I have "inherited" and aging but still capable (of running XP) desktop and I would like to wipe the hard drive and re-install the OS and certain apps. I've used an OEM copy of XP on two installs on Gateway machines with no problems.As the Gateway OS disk that came with the machine is the original XP version, would I need to reinstall all 3 service packs or would installing service pack 3 be sufficient? I realize that this should only be used on one computer, but would I bee able to install from that, using the product key Gateway provided with the "inherited" machine, and just install SP3? In my situation the product key was never asked for.I am doing a similar install, but updating all my hardware prior to a Win7 upgrade. I attempted a Recovery Install with TI 10, but it did not work. Download the service pack before you start the reinstall.

So, I have had to do the install from scratch--a long row to hoe when you have many apps. Install the service pack immediately upon clean install, even before drivers.

I wiped the drive with Darik's Boot and Nuke and then did the install.