Attachment dating style

20-Jul-2017 22:02

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Because early intervention often proves most effective, children who shows signs of attachment issues may benefit from speaking to a therapist.

Developmental psychologist John Bowlby originally described the concept of attachment, focusing on the bond between mother and infant.

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A child's relationship with the primary caregiver, who is often the mother, can affect the child's attachment style throughout life, and insecure attachments can often interfere with future romantic relationships.Attachment refers to the ability to form emotional bonds and empathic, enjoyable relationships with other people, especially close family members.Insecure attachment early in life may lead to attachment issues and difficulty forming relationships throughout life.One of the dating myths you discuss is game-playing.

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You say that playing games will attract the exact wrong type of person. And is laying all your cards on the table up front really practical?

Being securely attached to a parent or primary caregiver bestows numerous benefits on children that usually last a lifetime.