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26-Jul-2017 22:59

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This glitch stems from the sequence of events that occurs when a page is being posted back to the server.SQL Server stored procedures can improve performance for both Windows applications and ASP. You boost performance when you write and save a command as a stored procedure.On the other hand, users will have to fill in the information without getting a response until they submit the form. Validation in this context refers to validating rules such as username availability.You can read more about validation with Ajax in this excellent tutorial on j Query For Designers.For an introduction to master pages, see "Master Pages In ASP. To make use of master pages, we first need to understand how master pages work. NET web form using a master page, the content page (.aspx) and master page (.master) merge their content together to produce a single page.Many of the tips and traps covered later in this article revolve around understanding the magic behind master pages. Let’s say we are using the following, simple master page.Let’s also write a simple web form to use our master page.

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For instance, your breakpoints might show the expected data in the controls on a page after the user clicks on a button, but when the page is reposted, the data gets reset to the values the controls had before the page was reposted.

Validation is a very important aspect in web forms development and should be planned carefully.

Well designed validation can favorably affect the user experience and can speed up the filling of forms.

Why let the user figure out which field is required or which format they should use for a phone number?

The article Rock Solid Form Validation With x HTML, CSS and j Query provides a good explanation on how this can be done using j Query. Beside field validators, they inform a user with a message box on the top of the form.

Poor validation can make considerable damage to the system and user experience.