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judge Randy Jackson is quite possibly the most ridiculous person on television today, but I’m not sure I have any vitriol left for the man who is affectionately/ragefully known by the Idoloonie Nation as “The Dawg.” (Yes, folks, that’s the ‘D–‘ I was referring to in my headline.) I mean, imagine an Who else would use his position on the panel to wear offensive orchid blazers and try to launch a line of hideous hand-beaded pins. ) Who else could proudly blab about “Let’s Get It On” being an Al Green song, then stammer and “uhhh” until a merciful audience member (certainly not J. Who else could deliver a catastrophic critique like this to sweet-faced teenage contestant Jessica Sanchez: “The girl blew the box out of the song! ) Who else is advocating that Idol expand its offerings to include the Lil Wayne songbook. To err is human, and to constantly bring the unintentional LOLs is to be Randy Jackson. Now (Songs from 2000-2010)Hollie Cavanagh: “Rolling in The Deep” by Adele First, the good news: Hollie’s mentoring session with Jimmy Iovine did not include the threat of a frontal lobotomy — “It’s the only way to get you to stop overthinking your performances!Let’s just be thankful he didn’t grab the mic after Wednesday night’s absurd “Jessica in peril”/”The end is the beginning” intro and shout: “I worked with T. ” — and yet somehow managed to get the likable teenager in a relaxed, un-robotic state of mind for the evening’s opening number.Look at Tyler—he’s straight but has played around with gender and sexuality for most of his career.In his defense Ledet is only 20, and reaching a national platform for the first time.Ledet’s one of the show’s strongest singers in many seasons—perhaps even the”past 50 years,” as J-Lo opined—but he kind of pings the gaydar pretty hard.

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Last night, finalists Joshua Ledet and Phillip Phillips did a duet of the old classic “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” and kind of sang the hell out of it.Paul Hollywood's wife, Alexandra, was bereft three years ago when The Great British Bake Off star embarked on an affair with Marcela Valladolid, his sultry fellow judge on the U. Accounts newly filed at Companies House suggest that the firm, which the bearded 50-year-old baker established in 2004, made a profit of £377,976 in the year to June 30, 2015. Alex was appointed a director of Paul Hollywood Ltd after their reunion and the company has now revealed that it has £1.4million in assets.“Rolling in the Deep” is to Adele what a peanut-butter cup is to Reese’s: The original is so hauntingly perfect — the “you had my heart inside of your hand” line so ferociously raw — that Hollie’s cover came off as very pretty but a wee bit superfluous by comparison.

Colton Dixon: “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga Yes, yes, the judges had a point that Colton pitched his verses too low so that he could deliver Gaga’s dramatic chorus without having his voice break, but of the 14 performances we saw this week, I thought Colton’s was the most successful in terms of creating and executing a compelling TV spectacle.Between then and 2004, Diffie charted 35 cuts on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, including five number one singles: his debut release "Home", "If the Devil Danced (In Empty Pockets)", "Third Rock from the Sun", "Pickup Man" (his longest-lasting number one, at four weeks) and "Bigger Than the Beatles".In addition to these cuts, he has 12 other top ten singles and ten other top 40 hits on the same chart.And in a competition where embellishments are as predictable as scarves on Steven Tyler, there’s something refreshing about Hollie’s clean, straightforward vocal approach — kind of like finding a slice of organic mango in a refrigerator full of rich, ornate desserts.