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I suggested that very early on, and he was into it, and so we ventured forth. I remember I was about to go onstage at the Bowery and [a friend] came bounding up the stairs and goes "David Byrne is here! A few days later, we met at this party and there was a collaboration between these other artists and we thought we might like to do something like that. David had done it before, but I think in situations where there had been more of a clear division of labor, or just him writing over a track someone sent him.

We were really both all over everything and so it's a true collaboration in that sense. He's obviously a busy guy and you have been on tour for much of the last few years.

It’s often the genres of hip-hop, country or Christian music that are seen as homophobic or generally unwelcoming to queer artists, at least in terms of mainstream success.

But the world of indie rock is still male-driven, very white and very straight. A multi-instrumentalist with interesting approaches to songwriting and an insatiable voice, St.

Annie recently performed at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction tribute to Nirvana with original members Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear.

Her most recent album, , peaked at number 12 on the Billboard charts and last year she was honored with the Smithsonian’s American Ingenuity Award.

“I think that being in love with my girlfriend is a big part of why I’m feeling so happy with who I am these days,” Delevingne is quoted as saying.

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Clark also contributed backing vocals for Swans on their 2014 album, To Be Kind. Vincent, was released on February 25, 2014 and was named album of the year by The Guardian, Entertainment Weekly, NME, and Slant Magazine, as well as second best album of the year by Time magazine.You've been in other people's bands but you've been solo and the captain of your own ship for years now. In the logistical regard, with rehearsal, there's another boss – a co-boss – to bounce ideas off of and David's very... Creatively, did you have any parameters from the outset? I was thinking, logistically, acoustically, since we are performing in a small bookstore with no P.Well, there is just no point in doing a collaboration if you don't like and trust what the other person does. A., if we just sing with the brass band, a small ensemble, we can get away with it. We met at the afterparty for ; he had come to a few of my shows around the time of the first record. There were growing pains in the beginning; it was just a matter of learning how to write together.The record followed Clark’s previous albums ‘Marry Me’ (2007), ‘Actor’ (2009), ‘Strange Mercy’ (2011) and her collaborative album with David Byrne ‘Love This Giant’ in 2012.

SEE ALSO: Why ‘St Vincent’ Is NME’s Number 1 Album Of 2014 With the pair rumoured to have been dating since earlier this year, Delevingne confirmed her relationship with Clark to Vogue for July’s issue.The women musicians who are able to break through are often ten times more talented than their male counterparts, and once in a while they are given their due respect. Vincent’s five albums (four solo, one with David Byrne) have been both critically hailed and adored by music fans of all creeds. I don’t really identify as anything.” She points to her adopted home: “New York is where all the freaks from all the places converge.Which is why it’s so important that Annie has touched upon her sexuality in a new interview with I ask Clark if she identifies either as gay or straight. I’ve had wild nights out where you end up at the Box” — a downtown club that hosts highly sexualized, frequently nude performances by dancers of both genders. Vincent, is an American musician, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist.