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And after your ride with us you will leave with a small gift to remember your visit with us.

Of course our main attraction is when you get to experience how the Amish travel.

We will take you on a guided tour in an original family-style Amish buggy the same as the Amish still use today.

The buggies are surprisingly cozy warm in the winter and open and "air conditioned" in the summer. We have five tours for you to choose from where you will pass by a number of Amish farms, an Amish one-room school house, and other sites dating back to the 1700's.

Once again I was impressed by the workmanship and skills of the technology-shunning culture.

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There is a small Amish community in my county that provides a plethora of services for area farmers and horse owners, and folks who want cabins built.

This great historic and romantic Lancaster Pa bed and breakfast inn located in Lancaster County serves as accommodations for travelers to the Pennsylvania Amish and Dutch country.

This is not your ordinary Bn B or luxury hotel but an escape to a world away a recipe for a great time.

Choose one of our package deals where dinner is included or select gift items to be in your room upon arrival.

Mc Kinley Room - Lancaster, Pa Bed and Breakfast With a color scheme based on an authentic Federal-period Soldier Blue milk paint, this delightful room is located in the oldest part of the mansion, which dates to 1805.

All but one of our rides travel through a beautiful four arched Railroad bridge also dating back to the 1700's.