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Cricket club welcoming players of all levels of ability and ensures a social scheme where anyone interested in the game can feel part of the club. Play at...1st Madrid British Scouts, based at St Georges Anglican Church, meet one Saturday a month and currently have Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.

It is an English-speaking, cosmopolitan and lively group. We defend EU citizenship rights to live, work and study: for UK nationals in Spain and Spanish nationals in the UK.

There are so many ways for speakers of English to see the world. Each word suggests some subtly different quality: looking implies volition; spying suggests furtiveness; gawking carries an element of social judgment and a sense of surprise.

We can glimpse, glance, visualize, view, look, spy, or ogle. When we try to describe an act of vision, we consider a constellation of available meanings.

Special interest groups include mums and tots playgroup, and Spanish classes. This is a free language exchange group where people from all countries come to meet Spaniards.

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Call it the radar gun revolution.***For as long as baseball has been played, hard-throwing pitchers have been part of the lore and part of the lure."Over the course of an hours-long race, a few seconds per climb is not a significant advantage," he writes, at least not to an amateur cyclist or age-group triathlete.(If you're racing the Tour de France and are neck-and-neck with your competitors, that's another story.) And, it's worth noting, even these small advantages dissipate as the course gets flatter.But if thoughts and words exist on different planes, then expression must always be an act of compromise. They evolve over centuries through an unplanned, democratic process that leaves them teeming with irregularities, quirks, and words like “knight.” No one who set out to design a form of communication would ever end up with anything like English, Mandarin, or any of the more than six thousand languages spoken today.

former employee of the California State Department of Motor Vehicles, told me./ Defendemos los derechos de ciudadanía europea (para vivir, trabajar, estudiar etc....Organisation whos goal is to bring comfort and companionship to English-speaking senior citizens living in Madrid who are often unable to integrate in local care homes for the elderly due to language...In 2004, he published a monograph on the Internet that was titled “Ithkuil: A Philosophical Design for a Hypothetical Language.” Written like a linguistics textbook, the fourteen-page Web site ran to almost a hundred and sixty thousand words.