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An unnamed representative from UMW’s Office for Student Affairs stated that “The College of Mary Washington opened its doors to male students in the early 1970s for the purpose of increasing student engagement adding the MRS degree to the curriculum.” That was the university’s first drastic effort to increase student engagement, and now they’re looking to do even more.Because of the few options the UMW dating scene provides, many female students have been turning elsewhere in the search for boyfriends or have decided to give up their searches until after graduation.Bottom line is that this is a small college so the pickings are slim on most sides.

In a recent survey of all female students by UMW’s Office for Student Affairs, the university’s women classified UMW men in the following 13 categories: Nice, but taken Nice and single, but weird The token gay friend Thinks his track pants and slides are endearing Loves weed more than he will ever love you Has three classes with his ex, so don’t even try Broke up with your suitemate via text two weeks ago (and is already back on the market) Meathead recruited by athletics Wants to see you at but ignores during class Flirts with you at parties but has a girlfriend at CNU Seemed cool in high school but isn’t really that great Still hasn’t received the cargo shorts memo Gross 78 percent of the female student population polled that they are having a hard time finding boyfriends because “the boys here all fall into these deal-breaker categories, and if there are ones who don’t, they’re hiding or something.” The university hopes that with better recording and monitoring, they can identify more single, “boyfriend material” men and guide the campus dating scene.

Box Baltimore, MD Website: CAMPUS VIOLENCE WHITE PAPER Written by: Joetta L. Baltimore, MD: American College Health Association. Campus Violence White Paper In 1999, the American College Health Association (ACHA) Executive Committee adopted a position statement for the Association that addresses acts of violence, bias, and other violations of human rights that have been occurring all too often within or adjacent to college communities: The American College Health Association is deeply saddened by the many acts of violence, hate crimes and loss of life over this past year.

American College Health Association campus violence white paper.

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