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Players create a character who travels between buildings, towns, and worlds to carry out business or leisure activities.

Communication is usually textual, but real-time voice communication is also possible.

Pick your look and shop IMVU's catalog of more than 6 million items. There's even a marketplace which lets anyone with a good idea to sell their in-game creations for all to enjoy, Boasting more than fifty million registered users, it's safe to say that IMVU opens a world of possibilities when it comes to being social.

Browse for the latest clothes, shoes, hairstyles, accessories, and more. What's more, it can be a place for love and romance -- if you know how to play the dating game.

Built into the software is a 3D modeling tool based on simple geometric shapes, that allows residents to build virtual objects.

There is also a procedural scripting language, Linden Scripting Language, which can be used to add interactivity to objects.

Use e-learning to impart the theoretical understanding and knowledge then virtual reality scenarios to test the information learned in a life-like situation to give your users the complete package.

The virtual reality enables you to view the competency of your learners, see the decisions they make and how they then react to the consequences.

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Virtual reality e-learning can be used to simulate the way equipment responds; emulate the way machinery works or to replicate soft skills such as human actions and behaviour.Using 3D and virtual reality environments as part of your training methodology allows your students or workforce to experience an entirely new side of training.This type of technology breathes life back into traditional computer based learning and re-awakens the enthusiasm in users who are used to this technology in other circles outside of training. There are 10,000's of real people online at any given time from over 50 different countries.