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18-Feb-2017 03:36

Fas binds to Ca M-Sepharose and is co-immunoprecipitated with Ca M.

I was recently given 3 rather locked-down network cameras.The interaction between Fas and Ca M is Ca-dependent.Deletion mapping analysis with various GST-fused Fas cytoplasmic domain fragments revealed that the fragment containing helices 1, 2, and 3 of the Fas DD has the Ca M-binding ability.Computer modeling of the interaction between Ca M and helix 2 of the Fas DD predicted that amino acids, which are important for Fas-Ca M binding, and point mutations of these amino acids caused reduced Fas-Ca M binding.

The interaction between Fas and Ca M is increased ∼2-fold early upon Fas activation (at 30 min) and is decreased to ∼50% of control at 2 h.

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